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HUD Engineering Report, Columbia, SC

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We provide HUD engineering reports for those who need them to secure loans.

Becoming a homeowner is a challenge for many people, and some families may not be able to secure a mortgage because of low credit scores or other obstacles. However, that doesn’t mean purchasing a home is impossible. The federal government has programs in place that can help low-income Americans to secure loans when they purchase property. While the government itself does not offer the loan, it guarantees that they will pay the lender if you default on your loan, and this provides the lender with the protection they need to go ahead with granting you the funds.

HUD Engineering Report in Columbia, South Carolina

Before a lender will offer you a HUD loan, however, they will require a HUD engineering report. This involves having an engineer and other specialists inspect the property in question and provide a full report on its condition and any potential problems or risks that may affect its value. At Streamline Inspections, we can provide HUD engineering reports, as our owner has an engineering degree and our company boasts more than 25+ years of experience in the inspection industry.

When we provide HUD engineering reports, you can rest assured that we will be comprehensive and assess your prospective property with attention to detail as we take note of its features and condition. Our straightforward reports will allow you to finalize your agreement with your lender, so you can become a homeowner or property owner soon.

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