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Asbestos Testing, Columbia, SC

Find out whether your property has an asbestos problem.

Whether you are purchasing a property in Columbia, South Carolina or you already own property, it is essential to be aware of its condition. When you are buying a home or building, you need to make sure your investment is a wise one by uncovering serious structural problems or faulty systems before closing. If issues are discovered, you can negotiate with the seller. Much is the same when it comes to asbestos testing.

Asbestos Testing in Columbia, South Carolina

Although asbestos testing isn’t part of a traditional home inspection or commercial inspection, it is a service we offer at Streamline Inspections. The presence of asbestos is very problematic for occupants’ health and safety because this naturally occurring fibrous silicate material is carcinogenic. Inhalation of the fibers can cause permanent damage to and scarring of the lungs, so it’s important to locate asbestos in a home or building and take the proper steps to remove it if necessary.

With 25+ years of experience in the inspection industry and vast knowledge of the problems many homes and buildings face, we have the expertise needed to provide asbestos testing. Of course, we also have the proper training and equipment to provide it, so you can rest assured we won’t disturb your asbestos-infested ceiling and cause problems for you. We’ll make sure it all stays contained, and we will still offer you an accurate assessment.

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