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3 Signs You Need a Termite Inspection

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Sometimes, big problems come in small packages. One prime example of this concept is termites. Termites can cause major damages to your home, including structural damage that can affect the safety of your home. If you suspect your home has a termite problem, it’s important that you hire a termite inspection service right away. Here are three of the top signs that you should have your home checked for termites.

3 Signs You Need a Termite Inspection

  1. Strange Patterns and Changes in Your Wood – Termites feed off of the wood around your home, including flooring, furniture, and more. If you’ve noticed any unusual patterns or changes in your wood, such as maze patterns or a hollow sound when you tap on the wood, you might have a termite problem on your hands.
  2. Discarded Wings – Termites send out swarmers when in search of a new place to build their home. These swarmers leave behind wings around the entrances of your home, such as the foundation or windowsill. If you find discarded wings, you should definitely hire a termite inspection service, as chances are termites have decided to build a colony on your property.
  3. Nearby Termite Problems – Termites aren’t limited to one small area. If your neighbors are dealing with a termite issue, it’s likely that termites have scoped out your home as a potential colony location as well, so you should have a professional take a look at your home and check for termites.

One of the inspection services we offer here at Streamline Inspections is our termite inspection service. The quicker you identify a termite problem on your property, the more you’re able to minimize damages, so call us as soon as you suspect you have termites in your home or if you would like to have a potential home checked out prior to purchasing it.